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Ehsan Akbeiki | Ph.D. | P.Eng.President- Structural Engineer
Dr. Akbeiki is the vice president of Perkaleh Inc. and the project manager in the Middle East and Asia. His Ph.D. in Earthquake Engineering, M.Sc. in Structural Engineering, and B.Sc. are in Marine Structures, allowed Ehsan to become a multidisciplinary Engineering leader. Registered as a Professional Engineer, Ehsan has about 20 years of experience in designing and assessment of various types of structures.

Ehsan’s experience in Structural engineering includes seismic assessment and repair of 300 damaged RC and masonry buildings in the 2006 Earthquake in Lorestan Province. He has also years of experience in seismic assessment and retrofitting of almost 100 existing schools, including masonry, RC, and steel structures. Ehsan’s experience in construction includes the design, supervision, and implementation of RC and steel structures.

Hossein Agha Beigi | Ph.D. | P.Eng.Senior R&D Consultant
Living in three continents and working in more than 10 countries, Hossein has more than 20 years of unique international experience in Structural and Earthquake Engineering, including leading challenging projects throughout the world.

Hossein’s key role in Perkaleh is to consult for designing complex structures using next-generation construction technologies. With a Ph.D. jointly from the University of Toronto and ROSE School in Italy and having Professional Engineering licenses in Ontario and Tehran, Hossein has led designing +500 structures worldwide, including designing high-rise buildings in India and Canada and assessment of damaged buildings in recent earthquakes in Europe and the Middle East.

His experience has resulted in +50 papers in leading international journals conferences and several peer-reviewed reports, guidelines, and patents. Hossein has invented and developed cutting-edge technologies and concepts including the gapped-inclined brace (GIB) system, seismic isolation platform (SIP) concept, and demountable resilient construction (DISC) technology.

Antonio Mainieri | M.Sc.Senior Civil Engineer/Business Manager
As the manager of headquarters in Toronto, Antonio has started his collaboration with Perkaleh Inc. to co-lead projects in the Americas and Europe. Antonio has received B.Sc. M.Sc. in Civil Engineering in Rome and has more than 15 years of international experience in Civil Engineering, including construction and upgrading existing buildings.

Antonio is also an Italian/Canadian Entrepreneur-Venture Capitalist, leading worldwide engineering projects and businesses, mainly in Europe and South America. Due to his wide range of experience and his multi-cultural nature, Antonio has a key role to expand Perkaleh’s business in various areas and various regions.

Together with a group of trading companies in the main Latin scenarios/ industries/environments, he is currently expanding such expertise in the United Arab Emirates in various sectors as well. Multilingual, apart from his native Italian, Antonio is fluent in handling negotiations also in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Soroush Aghabeigi | M.Sc. Structural Engineer
Soroush is an experienced Structural Engineer and has several years of experience in the design and construction of buildings. He has M.Sc. in Earthquake Engineering and B.Sc. in Civil Engineering.

With years of experience in designing high-performance structural systems, Soroush is an expert in designing dampers and isolators using nonlinear finite-element dynamic analyses. He is also expert in advanced structural engineering software such as OpenSEES, SeismoStruct, SAP, ANSYS, ABAQUS, and programming languages such as MATLAB and Python. He is familiar with international codes and guidelines, including ASCE-7, ASCE 41, UBC, IBC, ASTM, NBC, Eurocodes, CSA, NEHRP, FEMA, ATC, and ACI.

Soroush has +5 years of teaching experience in Civil Engineering, in particular to Civil graduate students. Soroush is a ski instructor and piano teacher; thus allowing him to learn new materials and concepts that enable him to solve engineering problems using unique and creative solutions.

Ashkan Jafariani | M. Sc. | P.Eng.Chief Manager
Ashkan is an experienced Structural Engineer and has several years of experience in design and construction of various types of structures. He has M.Sc. in Earthquake Engineering and B.Sc. in Marine Structures.

Ashkan has involved in seismic assessment and repair of several buildings damaged in recent earthquakes. He is familiar with building codes and guidelines, including FEMA 306 and FEMA 307.

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