Seismic Isolation

Seismic isolation is a protective concept that reduces the earthquake motions in structures by isolating the building from ground motions.

 This is accomplished by supporting the building on bearings that greatly reduce the transmission of ground motion. As a result, both the structure and the non-structural systems are subjected to reduced shaking levels and remains without significant damages following major earthquakes. Seismic isolation is well suited for essential facilities, like hospitals that need to remain functional following a major event.

Seismic isolation is cost effective

Seismic isolation is incredibly cost-effective, around 1 to 2% of the cost of the structure, far less than it can be the structural damage or business interruption in the event of an earthquake.
Often the cost of seismic isolators is lower than the structural savings that can be achieved through this technology, so that the cost of seismic isolation can be even negative.
Perkaleh offers four types of isolators:

Depending on the structural configuration and the protective criteria, we provide isolator unit either at the bottom, mid, or top of the first floor.
We follow the most advanced codes and standards such as ASCE/SEI 7 to design structures with seismic isolation systems.